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Nach Baliye 7′: Are Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna Actually Engaged?

This question has been troubling us ever since we heard that the couple exchanged rings on the “Nach Baliye 7” stage. It happens to be so that Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna got swept away by their emotions and in the moment, Upen went down on one leg and proposed marriage to her. Karishma reciprocated Upen’s request with a resounding yes, bringing the house down.

Frankly, proposing on reality TV is one of the biggest examples of how publicity hungry the couple is, but we are not here to judge any one. To each his own! Upen and Karishma hoped to get rid of the ‘Reality Couple’ tag with this proposal and are hoping that it works in their favor.


There have been several rumors in the media which claim that the channel is favoring the couple, are scoring them high on purpose and giving them unfair advantage. Rumors also suggest that being the highest paid contestants on the show, they do get away with a lot of things.

Their fellow contestants on “Nach Baliye 7” feel that Upen and Karishma cheated during the compatibility test by saving the answers on their mobile phone. Upen was apparently allowed to keep his phone as his mother in London is extremely unwell. A source claims that before the compatibility contest, Upen kept his phone and did not cheat, and we’d very much like to hope he did not because if they did, it would be sad.

Fans love Upen and Karishma’s chemistry on stage and all the antics off the camera too. A popular website recently conducted a poll declaring them the most popular couple on the show. Basically, it seems the couple do not have to resort to any extra ordinary means to showcase their relationship. If they really got engaged, we are extremely pleased, however, doing it on stage doesn’t win them any brownie points from us at least.

For now we’ll judge them purely on the basis of their performances, which have been quite good and improving week after week. Let’s hope they continue their streak.


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